Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-Indian National Congress-Rashtriya Janata Dal combine wins the Jharkhand Assembly Election with 47 seats

Note: This story is correct as of 00:39 IST

1. The Seatshare Story

The UPA swept to power in Jharkhand, securing a majority and winning 47 seats: 6 more seats than the 41 required to form a government.

UPA won 47 of the total 81 seats - an increase of 22 seats from the 2014 election. BJP came in second: it won 25 seats, a fall of 12 from the previous election. AJSU had the fourth highest tally: it won 2 seats, from 5 in the previous election. In a change from the previous election, AJSU Party left the NDA alliance to compete as an independent party, and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha joined the UPA alliance.

2. The Voteshare Story

BJP's voteshare was 33.4%, an increase of 2.1% from the previous election. Others had 23.2% voteshare: a fall of 7.9% from the previous election. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha had 18.7% voteshare: a fall of 1.7% from the previous election. Congress had 13.9% voteshare: an increase of 3.4% from the previous election. AJSU Party had 8.1% voteshare: an increase of 4.4% from the previous election. Rashtriya Janata Dal had 2.7% voteshare: a fall of 0.4% from the previous election.

3. The Rural-Urban Divide

UPA performed equally well in urban areas compared to rural areas. It secured 38.9% of the urban vote, compared to 34.7% of the rural vote. This translated to 5 out of 12 urban seats and 42 out of 69 rural seats.

4. The Regional Story

There was significant regional variation in election results in Jharkhand. The UPA did particularly well in Kolhan, winning 13/14 of the seats. In comparison, the region of Palamu saw a relatively more competitive race. Here, the UPA won 3/9 of the seats.

The regional breakdown of seats is shown in the tables below, sorted by the strongest to weakest areas of the UPA.

region Total Seats BJP Seats UPA Seats AJSU Seats Others Seats
Kolhan 14 0 13 0 1
Santhal Pargana 18 4 13 0 1
South Chotanagpur 15 5 8 1 1
North Chotanagpur 25 11 10 1 3
Palamu 9 5 3 0 1